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Earn 7.25% Returns with Vienna Donaustadt Real Estate Project

/ max. 150,000 

About This Deal

Invest in a promising real estate crowdfunding project in Vienna's 22nd district, Donaustadt, one of the fastest-growing areas in the city. This project offers investors the opportunity to earn a guaranteed return of 7.25% per annum over a 15-month period. Investors have the right to withdraw from the offer within four days of their investment and have a 14-day withdrawal period following the conclusion of the contract, both without any fees.


This project follows the overwhelming success of Bauwerk's first real estate crowdfunding venture. Due to this success, Bauwerk WB60 Projektbau Ges.m.b.H. decided to launch another crowdfunding campaign to support a new real estate development.


Bauwerk WB60 Projektbau Ges.m.b.H. was established in 2010 by Mr. Ing. Esslinger as a project company to handle subsequent transactions from previous projects. The company's history, along with preceding project companies, shows a development and realization of approximately 28,000 square meters of residential space.


The company has acquired and renovated old buildings, expanded raw attics, and sold the finished residential units. Since 2015, due to market trends in construction costs and sales opportunities, Bauwerk has focused on constructing and marketing high-quality, market-oriented residential buildings in Austrian urban centers and suburban development areas.


Bauwerk has a team with over 20 years of experience in project planning, development, and execution. They collaborate exclusively with long-standing, reputable partners in planning, construction, construction supervision, and sales.


The current crowdfunding project involves the construction of a small, family-friendly row house complex in the 22nd district of Vienna, an area currently experiencing the highest growth in the city. The row houses on Salusgasse are marketed both to owner-occupiers and investors, with 83% of the units already sold as of early February 2017. Each row house comes with a garden, and some also feature a rooftop terrace.


Bauwerk has a successful history of working with investors in mezzanine capital and equity-replacing loans. Due to high bank equity requirements for financing, as stipulated by Basel regulations, it is necessary to provide a significant amount of equity, which remains tied up in bank financing until the project's completion (sale of units). This requirement hinders the ability to purchase and develop commercially viable projects at the required frequency.


The issuer has the necessary equity capital and has already used it for project developments up to the construction readiness stage. Collaborating with investors ensures that further projects can be undertaken. This crowdfunding project will finance the construction of six row houses with gardens and some with rooftop terraces in Vienna's Donaustadt.


Investors are invited to provide Bauwerk WB60 Projektbau Ges.m.b.H. with crowdfunding capital in the form of a qualified subordinated loan. This investment will accelerate the company's growth. Investors will receive their returns from the proceeds of the property sales. The key parameters of the offer are: minimum funding amount (threshold): EUR 150,000, maximum funding amount (limit): EUR 249,900, crowdfunding subscription period: 30 days, crowdfunding term: 15 months, early-bird bonus interest rate: 7.25% p.a., guaranteed for the entire contract period even if repaid early. Join us in supporting the development of high-quality residential properties in one of Vienna's most dynamic districts and enjoy a stable and attractive return on your investment.