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This deal expires on 31.08.2024
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Blocktrade presents a unique investment opportunity in the form of an equity issuance, aiming to reshape the landscape of digital assets, gaming, and trading. As a European Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), Blocktrade serves as the go-to platform for digital asset enthusiasts and traders alike.


Investing in Blocktrade entitles you to become a Class-B shareholder under Luxembourg law. This grants you tokenized shares akin to stocks tradable on an exchange. Class-B shares do not carry voting rights but offer potential dividends. Learn more about the benefits of tokenized shares in our blog post.


Founded in 2018, Blocktrade has emerged as a leading player in digital trading platforms with a sizable shareholder base exceeding 5,000. Operating as a VASP across three EU countries, Blocktrade adheres fully to the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AML).

Blocktrade distinguishes itself as the sole gamified crypto platform, leveraging gamification elements for a unique user experience. Offering fee-free trading for over 50 digital assets, the platform witnessed a €345,000,000 increase in net deposits last year. Additional features include savings plans and a referral program, supported by a 50-level integrated token system driving a 42% user growth compared to the previous year.


Blocktrade embraces the EPIC ethos: Earn, Play, Invest, Crypto Payment. This strategic approach expands earning opportunities, introduces gaming features, diversifies investment options, and collaborates with SKAi2 payment terminals to facilitate global crypto payments for merchants.


Investment Product Details:

  • Stock issuance with ISIN/WKN code LU2270551208.
  • Price per share: EUR 0.24.
  • Minimum purchase: 1,000 units.
  • Funding threshold: EUR 240,000.
  • Placement volume: EUR 5.0 million.
  • Equity offered: up to 1.05%.
  • Available in: AT, DE, LU.
  • Facilitated by: CONDA Capital GmbH under ECSP - VO license.


Investments in Blocktrade represent high-risk ventures rarely secured. The startup operates in a volatile market, contingent upon additional investments for sustainability. Invest only what you can afford to lose entirely, as your investment is not protected by European deposit insurance systems. Learn more about the associated risks.


In case individual investors encounter registration difficulties on Blocktrade, alternative methods will be employed for reward disbursement.