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Trusters Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Trusters platform

Trusters Crowdfunding Platform

Trusters is a real estate crowdfunding platform founded in 2017 in Italy. As a platform focused on debt investments, Trusters enables small and professional lenders, builders, and agencies to access financing options for short-term real estate operations, aiming to generate quick profits. With an ECSP license number of 77409, Trusters operates exclusively in Italy, offering investors the opportunity to participate in real estate projects through debt investments.

Investors on Trusters can start investing with a minimum of 250 EUR, with an advertised return rate of 9.6%. The platform accepts payments via credit card and bank transfer, providing flexibility for investors. The total funding volume on Trusters amounts to 43,800,000 EUR, showcasing the platform's capacity to facilitate real estate financing. Although the average loan duration is not specified, Trusters focuses on short-term operations, aligning with its goal of providing quick profits to investors.

Trusters stands out as a platform that bridges the gap between real estate developers in need of financing and investors seeking opportunities in the Italian real estate market. By offering a streamlined crowdfunding process, Trusters makes real estate investment accessible to a wide range of investors, regardless of their experience level. Overall, Trusters serves as a platform for individuals and professionals looking to diversify their investment portfolios through debt investments in the Italian real estate sector.