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SamenInGeld Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with SamenInGeld platform

SamenInGeld Crowdfunding Platform

SamenInGeld is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2014, operating in the Netherlands and specializing in real estate investments, particularly in the buy-to-let sector. The platform provides a unique and secure funding opportunity, offering substantial loans with collateral being a fundamental requirement. Investors can receive up to 80% of the market value as loans, while borrowers are expected to deposit a minimum of 20% of the value. Moreover, if borrowers can provide additional security, they may request up to 100% financing.

One of the key features that sets SamenInGeld apart from other crowdfunding platforms is the high level of collateral and security it offers to investors. For instance, the platform provides mortgage security, giving investors the first right to a refund in case of financial uncertainties, even before tax authorities. By not exceeding 80% of the market value in leased condition as a loan, SamenInGeld ensures a conservative approach to lending, promoting stability and risk mitigation.

Investors on SamenInGeld can start with a minimum investment of 250 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals and corporate entities. The platform focuses on the real estate sector, offering opportunities for investors to participate in various crowdfunding projects within this industry. The investment type primarily revolves around the buy-to-let model, allowing investors to generate returns from rental properties.

SamenInGeld operates under the ECSP license number 12042467 and conducts its business in compliance with regulations in the Netherlands. The platform does not only provide financial opportunities but also ensures transparency and security through features such as regulated operations, buyback guarantee, public statistics, a secondary market, and auto-invest options. Investors can feel confident in their investments knowing that SamenInGeld prioritizes safety and reliability in its operations.

Overall, SamenInGeld stands out as a reliable crowdfunding platform for real estate investments, offering a secure and transparent funding environment for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and benefit from the stability of the real estate market in the Netherlands. With a focus on collateral, responsible lending practices, and a commitment to investor protection, SamenInGeld continues to be a reputable choice for those seeking opportunities in the real estate crowdfunding sector.