Roier Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Roier platform

Roier Crowdfunding Platform

Roier is a fintech platform founded in 2020 in the Czech Republic, offering investors a secure and appealing opportunity to generate ongoing income through a simple and minimally volatile asset. The platform operates under the ECSP license number 9565311, ensuring regulatory compliance and oversight.

Roier focuses on providing investment opportunities in the real estate sector, allowing individuals and corporations to invest in debt-based models. The minimum investment amount on Roier is 5,000 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of investors interested in the real estate market.

The team behind Roier brings together expertise from various corporations and successful fintech startups, aiming to address the needs of investors seeking safe and attractive investment options. They emphasize the importance of generating regular income, achieving attractive yields, and ensuring investment safety in a straightforward and stable asset class.

Investors on Roier benefit from a user-friendly platform that offers transparency, including public statistics, a buyback guarantee, and access to a secondary market. Additionally, Roier provides an auto-invest feature for those looking for a more hands-off approach to managing their investments.

Overall, Roier stands out as a reliable fintech platform in the Czech Republic, catering to investors looking for a secure and profitable way to participate in the real estate market through debt-based investments. With a focus on simplicity, stability, and transparency, Roier aims to meet the needs of investors seeking a trustworthy platform for generating ongoing income.