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Rete del Dono Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Rete del Dono platform

Rete del Dono Crowdfunding Platform

Rete del Dono is a donation-based crowdfunding platform founded in 2011 in Italy. The platform's primary focus is to support socially useful projects initiated by Non-Profit Organizations through personal fundraising, social innovation, and leveraging the virality of the web.

Rete del Dono serves as a crowdfunding and personal fundraising platform where donations are collected for projects aimed at benefiting society. The platform's mission is to promote a culture of donation, viewing it as a civic commitment and an act of solidarity towards the community. Through personal fundraising, individuals can act as ambassadors for charitable causes, raising funds online to support various projects.

Notably, corporate entities are also engaging in personal fundraising as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, highlighting the platform's appeal to a wide range of contributors. Rete del Dono recognizes the power of the internet in connecting people and spreading awareness about charitable endeavors, thus continually investing in technology to facilitate acts of solidarity and foster social innovation.

Since its establishment, Rete del Dono has facilitated around 240,000 donations, resulting in the raising of 16 million Euros for diverse projects. The platform welcomes donations from both individuals and corporate entities, emphasizing inclusivity and community engagement in driving positive change.

Moreover, Rete del Dono is a member of EUROCROWD, further solidifying its commitment to ethical crowdfunding practices and aligning with industry standards. Operating solely in Italy, the platform continues to play a significant role in mobilizing resources for impactful social initiatives, showcasing the potential of online crowdfunding to drive positive social change.