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Kviku Finance Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Kviku Finance platform

Kviku Finance Crowdfunding Platform

Kviku Finance is an automated investment platform specializing in P2P lending, focusing on loans issued by consumer lenders across Europe and Asia. Founded in 2013, Kviku Finance operates in Cyprus and holds an ECSP license number HE 382807.

The platform offers a full buyback guarantee, providing investors with added security and protection against potential loan defaults. Kviku Finance is part of the Kviku Group, an international financial holding company that brings together consumer lenders from various regions.

Investors on Kviku Finance can start with a minimum investment of 100 EUR, offering an advertised return of 12%. The platform caters to both natural and legal persons, with specific requirements for eligibility. Natural persons need to have full legal capacity and a valid bank account within the EU or equivalent countries, while legal entities must also have a valid bank account meeting the same criteria.

Kviku Finance primarily focuses on crowdfunding opportunities in the SME and personal loans sectors. The investment model revolves around P2P lending, allowing investors to participate in loan opportunities across different industries and regions.

With a user-friendly interface and features like auto-invest and a secondary market, Kviku Finance provides a convenient and transparent investment experience for individuals looking to diversify their portfolios. The platform's commitment to regulatory compliance, buyback guarantees, and public statistics further enhances investor confidence and trust.

Overall, Kviku Finance offers a reliable and accessible platform for individuals and businesses seeking investment opportunities in the growing P2P lending market, with a strong emphasis on risk management and investor protection.