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GenoCrowd Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with GenoCrowd platform

GenoCrowd Crowdfunding Platform

GenoCrowd is a platform that facilitates digital connections between investors and developers for real estate crowd investments. Founded in 2020, GenoCrowd aims to simplify the investment process and offer attractive returns and short terms to its users. The platform operates in Germany and focuses on P2P lending as its primary investment type.

GenoCrowd is operated by GenoCrowd GmbH, a subsidiary of portagon GmbH. While GenoCrowd GmbH and portagon GmbH are independent companies, they have partnered with Raiffeisenbank im Hochtaunus eG to provide a strong support system for investors and developers using the platform.

Investors on GenoCrowd can start investing with a minimum amount of 250 EUR. The platform primarily offers investment opportunities in the real estate sector through crowdfunding. GenoCrowd's investment model revolves around P2P lending, providing a straightforward and accessible way for individuals and corporations to participate in real estate projects.

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, GenoCrowd aims to bridge the gap between investors and developers, enabling them to connect digitally and engage in crowd investments with ease. The platform's partnerships with reputable companies like Raiffeisenbank and portagon add credibility and support to the investment opportunities available through GenoCrowd.

Overall, GenoCrowd offers a user-friendly and transparent platform for individuals and businesses looking to participate in real estate crowd investments in Germany. By leveraging digital technologies and strong partnerships, GenoCrowd strives to make the investment process straightforward and rewarding for all parties involved.