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Geldvoorelkaar Crowdfunding Platform

Geldvoorelkaar is the first crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands, established in 2010. The platform operates as a peer-to-peer lending service, connecting investors with businesses seeking alternative financing options. Geldvoorelkaar holds an ECSP license number 32000020 and focuses on contributing positively to the financial landscape of the country.

With a strong presence in the Netherlands, Geldvoorelkaar primarily serves businesses in various sectors such as real estate, startups, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The platform offers a minimum investment of 100 EUR, with an advertised return of 4.49%. Currently, Geldvoorelkaar boasts a large investor base of 372,777 individuals, indicating a significant level of trust and interest in the platform.

In terms of funding volume, Geldvoorelkaar has facilitated a total of 504,541,500 EUR in financing, showcasing its ability to support a wide range of projects and businesses. The average loan duration on the platform is not specified, allowing for flexibility and tailored financing options based on the needs of both investors and borrowers.

Geldvoorelkaar operates exclusively in the Netherlands, providing a localized crowdfunding solution for businesses in the country. The platform is available in Dutch, catering to the local population and ensuring clear communication for all users.

Overall, Geldvoorelkaar plays a crucial role in the alternative finance sector in the Netherlands, offering a transparent and efficient way for investors to support businesses while earning returns on their investments. The platform's commitment to driving positive impact in the financial landscape sets it apart as a trusted and reliable crowdfunding option for both investors and businesses alike.