eCrowd Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with eCrowd platform

eCrowd Crowdfunding Platform is an online platform established in 2022 in North Macedonia, designed to facilitate the collection of donations for registered non-profit organizations. The platform serves as a safe and reliable intermediary connecting these organizations with donors, including citizens and companies, in order to support various social causes and projects. operates within the legal framework of North Macedonia, specifically catering to civil society organizations registered under the Law on Citizens' Associations and Foundations. The platform aims to enhance the culture of donation within the country by offering digital tools that make the process of donating easy and accessible. By supporting local civil society organizations, seeks to reduce their reliance on foreign funding and empower them to raise funds domestically for their innovative and socially beneficial initiatives.

The inception of was part of the project "Make It Easy - Establishment of the First Crowdfunding Platform for Civic Initiatives in North Macedonia," led by the Association for Digital Innovations and Transformations HAB Skopje (InnoHab). The project partners include the Center for Economic Analysis, the Food Bank, and the Association of Specialists and Young Doctors (ASML). Financial support for the project was provided by the Civica Mobilitas program, a Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation initiative aimed at strengthening civil society in Macedonia.

Donations on are channeled exclusively to verified civil society organizations that have been vetted and approved as credible entities. The platform operates in English and Macedonian languages, catering to a wide range of potential donors, both individuals and corporations. By encouraging local philanthropy and community engagement, envisions a more sustainable and impactful civil society sector in North Macedonia, driving positive social change and fostering transparent and inclusive governance practices at both local and national levels.