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DKB Crowd Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with DKB Crowd platform

DKB Crowd Crowdfunding Platform

DKB Crowd is a platform that offers investors the opportunity to support projects and companies in the fields of renewable energies, social infrastructure, and real estate by providing them with interest-bearing subordinated loans. Founded in 2019 and operating primarily in Germany, DKB Crowd focuses on facilitating debt investments in sustainable and impactful sectors.

The platform holds an ECSP license number HRB 115401, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing transparency to investors. With a minimum investment of 250 EUR, investors can participate in projects that offer a competitive advertised return of 6%. DKB Crowd caters to individuals looking to make a positive impact while also seeking financial returns on their investments.

By connecting investors with projects in green energy, social infrastructure, and real estate, DKB Crowd enables capital to flow towards initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future. The platform creates opportunities for individuals to support environmentally friendly and socially beneficial projects, aligning their investments with their values.

DKB Crowd serves as a bridge between investors seeking impactful investment opportunities and projects in need of funding to realize their goals. Through the platform, investors can diversify their portfolios with debt investments in sectors that are crucial for the transition to a more sustainable economy.

With a focus on Germany, DKB Crowd plays a role in driving forward the country's renewable energy and social infrastructure sectors by providing a source of financing for projects in these areas. By supporting projects through interest-bearing subordinated loans, investors contribute to the growth of sustainable initiatives while potentially earning attractive returns on their investments.

In summary, DKB Crowd offers a platform for investors to engage in debt investments that support projects and companies in renewable energies, social infrastructure, and real estate. With a commitment to sustainability and impact, the platform enables individuals to allocate their capital towards initiatives that align with their values and contribute to a more sustainable future.