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CrowdyBee Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with CrowdyBee platform

How to Invest in CrowdyBee

CrowdyBee Crowdfunding Platform

CrowdyBee is a sustainable real estate crowdfunding platform based in France, founded in 2021. The platform offers individuals the opportunity to invest in energy-efficient real estate projects by purchasing bonds for as low as €100, with an average return of 9.4%.

The investment type offered by CrowdyBee is debt, and the platform operates under ECSP license number 901 510 321. CrowdyBee focuses on supporting sustainable projects in the real estate sector, allowing investors to contribute to environmentally friendly initiatives while potentially earning attractive returns on their investments.

Investors on CrowdyBee can participate in crowdfunding opportunities in the real estate industry, specifically targeting projects that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. The platform requires investors to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) form before registering, ensuring that individuals understand the investment services offered and can align their investment preferences with the available projects.

CrowdyBee does not charge investors any fees for participation, even if a project does not reach its target amount. In such cases, the initial investment is fully refunded to investors within 24 working hours. Borrowers, on the other hand, bear commission costs for fundraising through CrowdyBee, with fees averaging 5.5% and ranging from 3% to 9%. The specific commission collected by CrowdyBee depends on various factors, including the project's quality, sustainability performance, and the borrower's level of support and experience on the platform.

Additionally, holders of the platform are responsible for payment service fees amounting to 0.75% (excluding taxes) related to electronic purses, card transactions, bank transfers, and other services. Electronic signature fees of €1.50 per signature apply only in the case of successful fundraising collections.

CrowdyBee is a member of Financement Participatif France, emphasizing its commitment to ethical and transparent crowdfunding practices. The platform provides investors with the opportunity to contribute to real estate projects while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Overall, CrowdyBee offers a user-friendly platform for investors interested in supporting energy-efficient real estate initiatives in France. With a low minimum investment requirement of €100, investors can access a diverse range of debt investment opportunities, aligning their financial goals with their values of sustainability and responsible investing.