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3circlefunding.ch Crowdfunding Platform

3circlefunding.ch is a peer-to-peer lending platform founded in 2015 in Switzerland. The platform offers borrowers the unique opportunity to set their loan interest rates, providing them with a sense of control and flexibility over their loans. Additionally, lenders on 3circlefunding.ch have the option to sell loan parts in the secondary market, allowing for liquidity and potential diversification of their investment portfolio.

One of the standout features of 3circlefunding.ch is its commitment to empowering both borrowers and lenders by giving them more freedom in their financial transactions. By enabling borrowers to determine their own interest rates, the platform promotes a fair and transparent lending environment. Moreover, the availability of a secondary market where lenders can trade loan parts adds an extra layer of versatility to the platform, allowing investors to adjust their positions according to their individual preferences and risk tolerance.

As a P2P lending platform, 3circlefunding.ch operates within the SME sector, offering investment opportunities in various crowdfunding projects. The platform welcomes both personal and corporate investors, providing access to a diverse range of lending opportunities. With a minimum investment requirement of just 1 EUR, 3circlefunding.ch aims to make investing accessible to a wide range of individuals, regardless of their financial capacity.

Furthermore, 3circlefunding.ch is a member of the Swiss crowdfunding association, emphasizing its commitment to adhering to industry best practices and standards. The platform is available in multiple languages, including Dutch and English, catering to a broad international audience interested in P2P lending opportunities in Switzerland.

Overall, 3circlefunding.ch stands out as a platform that prioritizes empowerment, transparency, and flexibility in the realm of peer-to-peer lending. By offering innovative features such as borrower-set interest rates and a secondary market for loan trading, the platform seeks to revolutionize the way borrowers and lenders interact in the lending market. Investors looking for a platform that values freedom and control in financial transactions may find 3circlefunding.ch to be a compelling option for their investment needs.