Zank Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Zank platform

Zank Crowdfunding Platform

Zank is a peer-to-peer lending platform founded in 2013 and based in Spain. The platform serves as a bridge between solvent individuals looking to finance a project at fair interest rates and those seeking higher returns on their investments. Zank operates in Spain and offers personal loans to its users.

Zank provides a transparent and secure environment for both borrowers and lenders to engage in loan transactions. The platform allows individuals to invest in projects they believe in while providing an opportunity for borrowers to access financing from a pool of investors. By cutting out traditional financial institutions, Zank aims to offer more competitive rates for both parties involved.

Investors on Zank can start with a minimum investment of 1 EUR, although specific details about the advertised return, number of investors, payment options, total funding volume, and average loan duration are not readily available. The platform operates in the Spanish language and does not provide a specific license number, as it may not require one for its operations.

Overall, Zank is a platform that promotes financial inclusivity by facilitating direct lending relationships between individuals. Through its P2P lending model, Zank contributes to the democratization of finance and supports the growth of projects by providing access to capital outside of traditional banking channels.