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Wakibi Crowdfunding Platform

Wakibi is a platform that aims to combat world poverty through microfinance. Founded in 2011 and based in the Netherlands, Wakibi operates by connecting global lenders with entrepreneurs in developing countries. The platform allows individuals to lend money to support self-reliance and entrepreneurialism in these regions.

Wakibi facilitates peer-to-peer lending, where lenders can invest in the ventures of entrepreneurs in need. By providing access to capital, Wakibi empowers individuals to start or expand their businesses, ultimately contributing to poverty alleviation and economic development in their communities.

One of the key features of Wakibi is its minimal investment requirement, with a minimum investment of 27 EUR. This low barrier to entry enables a wide range of individuals to participate in supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries. Additionally, Wakibi offers an average loan duration and return on investment, although specific figures may vary depending on the projects available for funding.

The platform operates solely in the Netherlands and primarily uses Dutch as the primary language for its services. Through Wakibi, users can make a tangible impact by directly contributing to the growth and success of entrepreneurs in underserved regions.

Overall, Wakibi provides a unique opportunity for individuals to make a difference in fighting poverty through microfinance. By leveraging the power of global connections and financial support, Wakibi is at the forefront of creating positive change and fostering economic empowerment in developing countries.